Degree in Public Health
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If you’re interested in pursuing a career with widespread, diverse applications in the worlds of business, science, and research, you can’t do much better than choosing to major in public health. Defined as a focus on protecting and educating communities about safer practices and health precautions, public health is an important aspect to any number of industries, and the job prospects for public health graduates just keep growing. If you’re interested in majoring in public health, here are just a few ways you’ll be able to use your degree after graduation.


Whether you decide to pursue an online mph degree or attend an on-campus program at a top-rated school like Fresno State University, you’ll find plenty of job opportunities waiting for you on completion of your degree. One of the most impactful and interesting professions in public health is that of a biostatistician. These workers commit their lives to research, analyzing, and deeply examining health statistics, as well as designing questionnaires and surveys to collect data.


If you’re interested in being at the forefront of disease prevention and public safety, a career as an epidemiologist is an ideal choice. Epidemiologists do extensive amounts of research to prevent, diminish, or counteract the development of publicly spread diseases. They create studies and communicate with other public health officials to convey their findings to the widest number of people in the shortest amount of time.

Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare administrators are at the center of every well-run, successful health facility, be it a hospital, an elder care facility, or a hospice. Administrators organize staff, strategize, and communicate with workers and higher-ups to find creative solutions to problems within hospital management. If you’re interested in helping healthcare facilities run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, a career as a healthcare administrator is an excellent choice.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists are the workers at the forefront of global health and safety. Through their hard work, research, and analysis, communities are made aware of their impact on the environment, as well as the changing climate in certain areas and how to prevent further damage to those lands. As an environmental scientist, you’ll be learning how to protect the earth from further damage and destruction, as well as helping affected communities across the globe. If you’ve ever felt confused or helpless about the state of climate change and the destruction of certain environmental resources, a career as an environmental scientist will put you right at the center of the action and allow you to contribute to the solution firsthand.

Health and Safety Engineer

As a health and safety engineer, you’ll be working to make sure that building sites are as environmentally safe as possible. You’ll study planning and regulations while making sure everything is up to code. The job requires great communication skills, a knack for on-the-spot problem solving, and a commitment to public safety. If you’re interested in keeping order and making sure developments get finished safely and on time, this is the perfect career for you.