Symbol of marriage
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The Indian heritage gives a lot of importance to jewelry. With changing customs and tradition, even the jewelry and other styles of ornamentation, has undergone a dynamic change.   Indian weddings are renowned for the elegance, beauty, and grace of the adornments and embellishments worn by the bride.  Ostentatious at times, most of the credit to glorify the charm of an Indian bride goes to the splendor of the jewelry she wears.

Indian jewelry has a variety of adornments in diverse styles and designs for just about every part of the body.

In Indian weddings, the groom ties a mangalsutra on the bride’s neck in the auspicious occasion of marriage.  It is a sacred event in Hindu marriages, similar to the custom of exchanging rings in the western culture.

But with changing customs and mindset, people no longer view jewelry as an affirmation to their marital status. It is more meant for accessorizing. Today many women do not want to flaunt their marital status.  Most women wear Mangalsutras only on specific occasions because it compliments their outfit. Also, to respect the custom of wearing a mangalsutra, as well as the sentiments of the elders in our families, mangalsutra is one ornament that has undergone a tremendous change in style.  Today, though unique and urbane designs have hit the market to adorn women, the conventional style of jewelry is still popular.  ‘Dejhoor’, is worn instead of a mangalsutra in case of a Kashmiri Brahmin bride.  This is the only ornament that can’t be worn randomly.

Though there is no fixed tray of jewels, besides a ‘mangalsutra or a bichiya’, that is truly significant in a marriage.

From Mangalsutras to ‘Payal’, gorgeous traditional pieces are still the first choice of the wearer.  The sensuous ‘kamarpatta’ to the attractive ‘bajubandh’, these ornaments, and their timeless elegance along with their seductive charm gleam when you adorn them.

From stylish mangalsutra to the elegant rings, all of them have gone through a huge transition in terms of design and pattern.

Budget your style: 

This has become a very important thought of today’s’ new age generation.  Nowadays, few people believe it is necessary to make a public statement of their relationship status and wealth by getting the most expensive rings they can afford. People select their engagement and proposal rings depending on the preference of the person they are proposing to as they want their spouse to flaunt the ornament. So much so sometimes they even prioritize preference of choice over their budget.

If you cannot afford a solitaire ring, you could always buy something that fits your budget without sacrificing the elegance of the ring. Not only girls, even boys like to flaunt their rings after marriage.

We live in a practical world. We have to work and thus socialize for business. We wear outfits from all over the world.  Jewelry is now more than symbols of something significant.  They can be styled to be displayed on various occasions.  So switch on your online jewelry shopping site and ogle on a variety of designs that are there for you today.