properly maintaining commercial refrigerators
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Following a strict maintenance program for your refrigeration equipment not only gives you peace of mind but can actually help save a considerable amount of money in the long run. Putting a thorough maintenance plan in place means you’ll be aware of any potential problems before they become costly catastrophes, and will be able to ensure your appliances are running at maximum efficiency.

Energy-saving tips for domestic refrigerators given by uSwitch broadly also apply to commercial appliances, but due to the size and quantity of commercial refrigeration units, and their importance in business terms, proper maintenance is even more vital. Failure of just one commercial appliance can lead to the loss of thousands of pounds’ worth of produce, and that’s before the knock-on effects of loss of business and the cost of the clean-up are taken into consideration. Trying to save money in the short term by avoiding maintenance will almost certainly cost more in the long term, due to unexpected and expensive emergency repairs.

Well-maintained units work more efficiently and last longer than neglected models. Proper servicing can save up to 5-10% on energy costs, according to QSR Magazine, which soon adds up, particularly in businesses with several units.

Common problems with poorly maintained refrigeration units

A major issue with units that aren’t properly maintained is the increase in energy bills. If an appliance isn’t running efficiently, energy use will be higher. Thermostats can also fail to operate correctly, meaning potential problems with food that needs to be stored at a very specific temperature. Any maintenance plan should include a thorough cleaning, as a build-up of dirt on coils can cause fan motors to fail, or the compressor to stop working. Poor maintenance can also lead to burnt wiring, overheating, and other serious issues. If a unit is neglected, minor issues are overlooked and can potentially become far more serious very quickly.

Advantages of regular maintenance

– Improved energy efficiency
– The decreased chance of appliance failure
– Extended refrigerator life
– Properly chilled and stored products, meaning less waste
– Lower repair bills
– Less chance of an emergency breakdown event
– Reduced stress on the appliance

The cost of implementing a regular maintenance plan is usually far less than the cost of dealing with emergencies and loss of product due to dealing with poorly maintained units. As well as saving money on energy costs, ensuring all refrigeration units are running efficiently and smoothly means the likelihood of being hit with an expensive call-out charge is greatly reduced. The life span of the appliance is also extended, perhaps drastically in some cases. Buying your refrigeration equipment from a trusted supplier then carrying our proper maintenance checks ensures you’ll get years of efficient service from your units.

All too often, breakdowns occur at the worst possible time, such as busy periods or when the business is closed, meaning no one notices until it’s too late to save any produce.