season 5 of Yellowstone
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With season 5 of Yellowstone, the show has been shockingly dividing its viewers. Most people have been disappointed with the lack of action in season 5, and some have even said they would be willing to give up on the show all together. However, there are those who still feel that Moana 2 is one of their favorite things to watch.

What is the new season of Yellowstone?

The new season of Yellowstone is set to air on the National Geographic channel on October 17th. This season, Yellowstone will be explored from a new perspective- aerial footage. The new season is said to be more intimate than ever before and promises to reveal never before seen secrets about the park.

What happened in Season Four that was so controversial?

Season four of “Yellowstone” was full of controversy. Most notably, there were many complaints about the Taboo season 2 portrayal of Native Americans. Some viewers felt that the show was racist and insensitive. Others argued that the show’s creators were simply trying to tell a historically accurate story. Whatever the case may be, Season Four certainly generated a lot of discussion.

Season four of “Yellowstone” was controversy for a few different reasons. One was the death of the Beartooth Grizzly, which many viewers felt was mishandled. Another issue was the decision to portray the character of Indian Chief as gay. Many felt that this was an unnecessary addition to the story and that it did not reflect well on Native Americans.

The controversy over the killing of a bison

The controversy over the Black clover season 2 has been brewing for months now on social media. Many people are outraged by the way the animal was killed, while others defend the decision. The bison was killed as part of filming for Season 5 of Yellowstone.

According to reports, the bison was shot with a tranquilizer dart and then bludgeoned with a hammer. The animal was then skinned and butchered. Some viewers claim that the bison was killed unnecessarily, while others argue that it posed a threat to people on set.

Many viewers have called for a boycott of Yellowstone in protest of the animal’s death, but so far there has been little response from the show’s producers. The episode in question is scheduled to air later this month, so we will see if anything changes in the aftermath of this controversy.

The controversy over the role of Louis Vasquez

The controversy over the role of Louis Vasquez in season 5 of “Yellowstone” continues to swirl. Vasquez, a convicted murderer, has been cast in a recurring role as tracker Harry Dunning on the show. Critics argue that casting Vasquez is inappropriate and offensive because of his criminal record. However, the show’s creators maintain that Vasquez’s background is an important part of the show’s story.

Why is John Geurasis on a leave of absence?

John Geurasis, the showrunner for “Yellowstone,” is on a leave of absence. This was announced on the show’s social media page, and it has not been made clear why he is taking this time off.

While fans of “Yellowstone” were eagerly awaiting the show’s return on September 22, many were surprised to learn that showrunner John Geurasis is taking a leave of absence due to “personal reasons.” The news comes as a huge blow to the fans who had come to love the show’s dark, intense tone and exploration of the dangerous world of Yellowstone National Park.

Details surrounding Geurasis’ leave are scarce, but it is speculated that it may have something to do with his wife’s recent hospitalization. In a statement released by the network, Geurasis said, “I want to thank everyone at Fox for their support during this difficult time. I am grateful for the understanding of my superiors and will be back working on ‘Yellowstone’ as soon as possible.”

Fans of the show are understandably worried about what this means for the future of the series. With only six episodes left in the season, there’s a real risk that the momentum built up over the past few months could be lost entirely. Fortunately, Fox has assured viewers that they have plans in place should things unfortunately fall apart while Geurasis is away.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully, Geurasis will be back soon to give us more of the show that we know and love.


The finale of the fifth and final season of “Yellowstone” aired on Thursday, May 17th. The show follows the Yellowstone National Park Board as they attempt to manage a geothermal anomaly that is rapidly spreading throughout the park. Throughout the season, we see characters from Kengan ashura season 3 come together to try and save it. I thought it was an amazing ending to an amazing series – definitely worth watching if you’re a fan!