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Do you have an idea to renovate your house soon? Today on the Arte y Vida Arquitectura blog we share 10 tips to reform it successfully.

If you are in the process of facing reform in your home, surely there is a lot of enthusiasm within you…  you imagine what the new rooms will be like, the colors of the walls, such and such furniture that you saw in a shop window that you think will be very well in that little corner…  It is an exciting and rewarding process…

Although you should know that renovating your home can not always be an exciting and fun process. You may not be sure who to hire, what procedures you need, or perhaps you have had a bad experience hiring the wrong professional on another occasion…

It is something that I come across every day, sometimes clients make poor decisions, due to lack of experience or ignorance.

To prevent you from making the occasional mistake that you have to suffer later every day, today I share with you and invite you to take a look at the following ideas.

Hire A Professional To Advise You

Home renovation

I suggest you establish a plan… as the saying goes  “we are not going to start the house from the roof”. Organize the process of reforming and decorating your new home, and as I have already told you on other occasions, do not look for a builder first, think that said professional is in charge of executing the reform but not of “projecting” the previous phase.

If what you want is to achieve a HOME tailored to your dreams, hire a professional who is dedicated to the design of your home, who will accompany you throughout the process, since millions of ideas will arise that will have to be ordered, that will have to be prioritized  (what materials do I choose to better adapt to the budget? Am I willing to invest a little more to be able to include that material that I like so much but that is extremely expensive? What am I willing to give up ?),  there will be as many budget estimates such as possible designs and options, where the warmth of the materials will be studied, the sensations that we want to obtain in our living room, in each room of the house or the space that we want to reform.

Make A List Of Necessities, Furniture, And Objects That You Need To Buy

At the same time that you are looking for that professional to accompany you on this great adventure, I advise you to make a list of the furniture and objects that you need to buy or of those that exist in the order of need.

This will help you define your needs well, and at the same time begin to define what you want to achieve so that everything is in harmony and in the same line of design.

All this will help you define a style that will be very aligned with your tastes, those of your family, and your personality.

Choose A Suitable Color Palette

Why is it important to choose a color palette within the same range? If you have in mind the idea of ​​what you want to achieve, your architect will guide you and advise you on the most suitable colors (and materials) to achieve the sensations you are looking to experience…

Imagine your living room painted red! And now painted blue!

Do they give you the same sensations? This is why it is so important to reflect on the color, and that the whole result is related in a harmonious way, in addition, this will help you to emphasize and give prominence to some element or piece of furniture, for example.

Take Care Of The Lighting

This is another the crucial point… It will be necessary to reflect on both natural and artificial lighting… Size of the windows, orientation… When does the sunshine, in the morning or in the afternoon? Never? Ummm, that deserves a special study!

All this must be accompanied by a study of artificial lighting. It will be necessary to study and organize the points of direct light, and where to establish indirect lighting.

Lighting is another fundamental element to creating a HOME and not just a house.

Do Not Rush

Do not try to have the house decorated in a few days, as it takes time and it is precious to be able to find a piece on some of your trips… that you will love, or to be able to change the decoration in the different seasons of the year.

Evaluate All The Rooms

Even if you now only want to undertake a small reform, a bathroom, only the living room or the kitchen, think about the relationship of the parts with the whole… Evaluate the house as a whole, this will allow you to make a forecast for future reforms. Do not be afraid to show all the rooms of your home, especially if the spaces are small. Instead of compartmentalizing, it unites the spaces since they provide freshness, and cleanliness since visual continuity is not interrupted. This does not mean that the uses are not well defined since they can be defined with low separating elements… that offer us order.

Check The Proportions

It is very common that the furniture we buy is not proportional to the space in which it is located, too large or too small. This is why you should talk to your technician if you want to keep any piece of furniture so that this is taken into account… Also, having clear minimum and maximum dimensions of the pieces of furniture that you must buy will help you to ensure that the final result is truly harmonious. and shocking.

Study The Relationship Between Spaces

As far as possible, generate good communication and relationship between the interior and exterior spaces of your home. Study what happens with access to the balcony, patio, or garden.

How will this access be? Are you looking for a fluid and open space or a very compartmentalized one? Defining the circulations and passages between rooms and from these with the outside will help you make the final result very functional and comfortable.

Value Natural Light

Playing with light is essential. Studying the entrances of natural light into the interior of your home, since they provide a feeling of spaciousness and warmth, is another point that will help a result of 10. You will achieve fresh and bright environments and if at the same time we use a light color palette for the paintings or papers, the visual sensation of the space will be of much more amplitude.

Study The Final Materials And Finishes

Do not be afraid of mixing materials…such as brick or concrete structures, as they give personality to the space and create a carefree and casual home.

The important thing is that the combination of all these aspects makes you feel at ease and comfortable after the reform of your home.

I hope that this article has solved some of the doubts that may be going through your head, because as I always say.

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