Business Countryside
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Many of us dream of leaving the rat race and avoiding long daily commutes on overcrowded roads and rail networks. More and more are turning those dreams into reality now as they set up their businesses much closer to home. The increase in the number of small start-ups looking for commercial premises is leading in turn to an increase in the number of rural business parks.

Opting to have your office or business premises in the countryside can be a very cost-effective solution, not to mention more convenient. The working environment is relaxed and peaceful, and many estates are now offering all the benefits you would expect in an inner-city venue.

These businesses are such big business now they even have their awards.

Benefits of Rural Business Parks

Free parking has got to be up near the top, and the ability to park near your place of work. For business owners, rents are lower and facilities are constantly improving; many parks now have catering businesses on-site and are installing broadband to keep you and your business in touch with your customers and the rest of the world.

Close to Ashford Kent rural business park is the perfect example of one of these idyllic, peaceful spaces. Expect as standard in a serious rural business park that you will receive your own space with telephone number and sometimes shared facilities, but they allow even the smallest business to have a professional address, access to meeting space and somewhere to leave at the end of the day, which can be one of the biggest challenges for small business owners.

Allowing Small Businesses to Think Big

Many rural business parks now offer flexible services and the latest technology, understanding the need to keep in touch with clients around the country.

If you work alone or with just one or two employees, work can sometimes be a lonely place, so having other SMEs in the same converted barn or even purpose-built building can provide company and of course, offer great networking opportunities. The Rural Biz is an example of all the good things smaller business parks can offer.

So if you have been considering starting or moving from your kitchen table, check out some of the inspirational rural business parks around.