Exotic Luxury Car
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When it comes down to it, springing for a luxury car rental versus a middle-of-the-market sedan can be a great way to get around in style, impress a work client, or experience the high life for a day. However, the biggest difference between renting a luxury car versus a regular car is that there is a lot more responsibility. Of course, renting a hybrid Toyota at twenty bucks a day comes with its own responsibilities, but these responsibilities don’t come close to the pressure of renting a brand new Ferrari Testarossa at over a thousand dollars a day.

Here are the top do’s and don’ts of renting an exotic luxury car.

Do purchase insurance.

After agreeing to pay between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars a day for a luxury vehicle, you may feel a little shy about purchasing an extra insurance policy, but if you don’t apply for one, you could be in a heap of trouble if something goes wrong with the car. If you so much as ding the vehicle, you could have to come out of pocket on the damages, which may be astronomical.

Do drive safely.

Even if you do have an insurance policy, you still have to drive safely. Most insurance policies cover damages, but if you total the vehicle, the car rental company may still have the right to sue you. Moreover, you don’t want to injure anyone else on the road. If you will see that many of the vehicles in their fleet are intended for speeds way past the triple digit mark, so when you are driving on narrow roads, you want to mind the speed limit and look out for pedestrians.

Don’t let anyone else drive the vehicle.

When you rent a luxury vehicle, you may have a number of jealous friends begging you to drive it, but once you hand over the keys, you are putting yourself in a lot of danger. If your friend damages the vehicle while driving it, you could be held liable. If your friend causes an injury while driving the vehicle, you could be in serious legal and financial hot water. So, no matter how much your friend begs you to drive the car, you want to say no. When you are the designated driver for a vehicle, it is your legal obligation to not let anyone drive it.

Lastly, don’t eat or drink inside a luxury vehicle.

A single spilled soft drink or dropping a piece of food on a car seat could severely damage the interior of the car. Many luxury cars are made with very high-end materials. This is especially the case inside the vehicle – the leather upholstery is top of the line and the carpets are often very plush. For the sake of not having to pay out of pocket on damages incurred inside a luxury vehicle, try to refrain from eating or drinking inside the car – that goes for guests inside your vehicle as well. Keep reading How to Replace Bicycle Shift Cable Solve It