Kitchen decoration ideas
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If you’ve been dreaming of kitchen decoration, but the thought of doing an expensive job that requires a large investment and having workers in your home puts you off, we understand.

A professional kitchen remodels job can be quite expensive and even cumbersome. But what if there was another way to do it? What if you can remodel the kitchen with little money and some simple but effective solutions that will give it a completely new look?

If you have a limited budget, but want to have a more modern and stylish kitchen, here we share some ideas so that you can make quick, easy, and inexpensive improvements yourself.

A Small Kitchen That Is The Heart Of The House

Kitchen decoration tips

To crossroads. This is how this kitchen is, which leaves a very fine line between the corridor, the kitchen, and the passage area. Because it’s three o’clock. And also the heart of this house. The chosen solution, opening a window in the wall –in order to gain natural light– and opening it to the walkway –to gain centimeters–, is masterful. And the best thing is that there is room to place a practical peninsula in this modern kitchen decoration.

A Mini Mini Kitchen

The fact is that this kitchen in which not a single square centimeter has been wasted has no window and is extra small. To give it a bit of light and that the space does not feel overwhelming, a glass door has been chosen that lets in light, as well as white furniture, although with a retro touch – thanks to the paneling of the fronts and the rope pull.

A Small Kitchen That Boasts Natural Light

Originally, this kitchen had no window. Being so small and with low ceilings, its owners opted for opening a skylight in the ceiling that illuminates the office area and accentuates the feeling of spaciousness. A great idea for modern small kitchen decoration.

A Very Versatile Mini Kitchen With A Silverware

If your kitchen has a door to the garden, it is not so small anymore! And even less so if you have a silversmith, who in addition to lightening the atmosphere, lets the light in unimpeded.

A Small Kitchen In Blue And Wood

Nobody says you can’t use strong color in a small kitchen. Do you see it in the photo? The trick is to choose furniture that contrasts with the color, as has been done with the wood finish of this furniture. The Neolith countertop with a marble finish helps to give luminosity without losing the style it boasts.

A Small Kitchen With A Very Glam Island

In fact, anyone would say that it is a kitchen. It is not usual to see materials such as mirrors or gold in a kitchen, but here it is spectacular. In addition, the island serves as a link with the dining table. Ah! And the sill has a marbled finish, which gives it an even more sophisticated touch if possible.

A Mini Kitchen With A Fish Tank Vocation

Are you not one of the open kitchens, but do you like to be with your guests when they come? If your kitchen is small, it will be an impossible mission. The solution? Glass walls and doors. Nothing to say. The photo of this kitchen says the rest.

A 10 For Small Kitchen Designs

This small kitchen with an island is modern and current, although in it we cannot fail to see a classic and chic point that we love. The mix of the moldings with the wooden column and island creates a successful combo that is accentuated by the fine pendant lamps above the work area. Although mini, ideal.

A Small Modern Kitchen

Wood and white is a combination that does not fail. And a good example of this is this mini kitchen. To make it appear more spacious than it actually is, tiles have been placed at mid-height – which has the effect of making the ceiling appear somewhat higher – and, furthermore, they have been chosen with a glossy finish that enhances that light. The rest of this three-story house has ideas like this everywhere.

A Small Kitchen In Parallel

Kitchens with cabinets on both sides are a classic on small floors. Elongated and narrow do not leave much to the imagination. How !? Nothing of that, in fact, as you will see in the photo of this kitchen, although some simple furniture with nails has been chosen, the intention has been to bring the personality through the floor and the combination of floors with a wood finish and hydraulic does not they have paragon. A brutal idea for a mini kitchen.

 A Mini Kitchen With A Maxi Essence

Where this very stylish marbled peninsula is, there used to be a wall. Yes, yes, as you read it. By eliminating it, not only have they gained precious square meters, but it is also brighter – before it was not lucky enough to have natural light – and ample. And while it’s still mine, the result makes it look so much bigger.

 A Small Kitchen Dominated By Wood

Thanks to the glass panel that connects this small kitchen with the rest of the house, it is not so small. And it is true that wood makes it look even smaller – after all, it has a lot of decorative power – but thanks to the micro cement floor with a light finish, the result is cozy and not at all burdensome. A design that many kitchens would already like to boast of.

A Mini Kitchen Under The Stairs

Sometimes there are unsuspected areas that house a kitchen. This is the case of this small duplex in which they dispensed with partitions and opted for an open kitchen with an island. To ‘camouflage’ its presence, it was chosen in white, like the staircase, with almost no decorations, and with paneled appliances. Where did you say the kitchen is?

A Small Natural Kitchen

In this mini open kitchen with a peninsula, functionality has prevailed above all else. Both the electrical appliances, the pantry, and the cooking areas are grouped together in a single front, while the island has been left for the work area and water. Although white, the wood detail at the base of the island is ideal.

No Tall Cabinets

Not all mini kitchens include tall cabinets. The interior designer Pia Capdevilla managed to visually lighten the space by dispensing with them and with a good resource: to support a continuous bench on the back of the furniture that hides very functional drawers in the seat structure.

A Small And Flirty Kitchen

Thanks to the window, this L-shaped kitchen boasts plenty of light despite its extremely small dimensions. And he does not lose an inch: the cabinets arrive, the ceiling is worn down and the corner has also been taken advantage of.

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