unclog a double kitchen sink
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The double kitchen sink is one of the installations in the house that accumulates the most germs. According to a study, ​​up to 100,000 times more microorganisms are concentrated in it than in the bathroom. Do you know how to unclog a double kitchen sink? Let’s discover.

Hence the importance of cleaning and disinfecting it regularly, and not only to eliminate dirt and bad odors but also to avoid possible jams. In this sense, it is necessary to remove the food well before washing dishes or other utensils. So, it will be more difficult for debris to accumulate that can obstruct the pipes. It is also not advisable to pour cooking oil down the drain. Because in addition to being not very ecological, it can solidify and cause a clog, especially if it contains food remains.

How to unclog a double kitchen sink?

Throwing other chemicals beyond dish soap, such as paints or disinfectants, is also not advisable. These are usually very greasy and can cause a clog.

We know the benefits of using vinegar and baking soda to clean appliances, utensils, and kitchen surfaces. This combination of products not only helps to remove dirt more easily it also works great to disinfect and degrease. Likewise, it will be very useful to eliminate traffic jams.

Sodium bicarbonate

You should only put a cup of baking soda down the drain, making sure it filters well through the double kitchen sinkhole and another of vinegar. Then, put the cap on and let it act for half an hour. After a time, pour plenty of hot water and check the results. If you can’t get rid of the jam the first time, you can repeat the operation several times.

This alternative is much more respectful of the pipes than chemical plungers. Most are highly corrosive and can cause considerable damage. Yes, some are great quality and simple to use, much softer, but they are also much more expensive.

Unclogging a double kitchen sink with plungers

  • Manual drain cleaners: these are tools that allow you to undo blockages and empty the pipes of the elements that obstruct the passage of water.
  • Suction Cup Plunger: It consists of a rubber in the shape of a suction cup attached to a handle. It is usually made of plastic or wood, placed over the double kitchen sink drain to create a vacuum that removes dirt from the pipe. It is effective for light clogs and periodically cleaning the small debris that falls from the dishes. But if the clog is large or is very low in the pipe, it may not do you practically anything.
  • Crank plunger: This is the plumber’s tool, and to use it requires a certain skill. It is a long, twisted wire passed through the drain when a clogged pipe needs to be unclogged. It is provided with an end hook that catches large debris and carries it away when collected.
  • Chemical plungers: Chemical plungers are products that are poured into the pipe and undo blockages by dissolving organic substances. Industrial chemical plungers have the advantage of being very effective. But they have the problem that the vast majority are corrosive to pipes. There are very few traffic jams that caustic soda combined with hot water cannot deal with. But it is a very aggressive product that, if used often, could even pierce them. Plungers in gel or cream are softer but are also considerably more expensive.

Natural remedies for unclogging a double kitchen

It can be used repeatedly without damaging the plumbing, so they pay off more in the long run. Some believe that Coca-Cola has great unclogging power, but the truth is that it is corrosive. It is not recommended, so it is better not to use it. The main natural remedies to unclog a double kitchen sink are bicarbonate. It has a dissolving effect similar to that of caustic soda and vinegar, and they are often used in combination to enhance their effects.

Unclog a Baking Soda and Vinegar Double kitchen sink

Empty the double kitchen sink: There will most likely be some water left in the double kitchen sink, and it must be removed before starting work. Fill a cup with baking soda and pour it down the double kitchen sink, making sure all the contents go down the drain.

Pour a cup of vinegar down the drain. If the double kitchen sink has a plug, use it. This way, the vinegar vapors will also stay in the pipe. Let the mixture work to undo the jam for at least 5 minutes before removing the plug.

From the same tap, pour hot water to see if it drains, and if it no longer stays in the double kitchen sink, pour in a few cups of boiling water. If the obstruction persists, repeat the operation.

If the clog is still in place after two or three attempts, it is best to change tack, as it is possible that what is blocking the pipe is too big to dissolve. It is also often helpful to combine the solvent product with the movement of a metal plunger to “break” the clog.

Tricks to keep the double kitchen sink clean once it is unclogged

The best way to ensure a good plumbing condition and a clean double kitchen sink of unpleasant odors are to observe a few very basic rules:

Empty the dishes well before putting them in the double kitchen sink: The accumulation of small organic waste causes the vast majority of jams. We do not remove from the dishes before washing because they are considered little, such as rice grains or remains of thick sauces.

Do not leave stagnant water in the double kitchen sink: stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms. They will not clog our double kitchen sink if they can cause bad odors. When you finish scrubbing, remove the plug and let the water drain.

Clean the double kitchen sink and cleaning utensils after scrubbing: what accumulates in the double kitchen sink ends up in the drain. Avoiding it is as simple as removing the remains that may remain with a cloth or a piece of kitchen paper and throwing it away.

Don’t abuse chemicals: yes, we all use detergent to wash dishes, but that’s the only greasy product that should go down the drain. Trying not to dump other things, from paints and thinners to alcohols or soaps, can help prevent clogs.

Never throw oil down the double kitchen sink: not only because of how unfriendly it is. Above all, because the oil, when cooled, solidifies and clogs the pipe, not to mention that the used oil is full of impurities.

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