Replace Bicycle Shift Cable
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Here I am going to show you how to replace a ship cable. Discussed details on how you can do this task so easily like a boss. Check our full article to solve this problem.


At first, carefully remove the little bike and so I want to go ahead and shift it all the and so now let me say, pull this housing back right here.

You can push the key into the cable out so then you will go ahead and pull the cable.

You need to run it back into this little hole where you pulled the other cable out, run it into the hole and it’s going to come out through this barrel adjuster and then you will need to just pull the cable all the way through.

You would make sure that the hand of the cable gets seated into that little part there. So now you need to, re-install the cover here.

Now it’s important to learn how to tighten bike brakes.

You need to make sure that this has shifted all the way, this way so just goes like that and you need to make sure that this indicator is an index to the shift mechanism a little indicator and there’s like a little pin.

These pins need to go in this hole here, this little notch there in order to do that for the right shifter.

I want to go ahead and have the highest number. So that’d be seven lineups with this notch on the left-hand shifter, it would be the lowest number. You’d want to have the one lined up with the little notch.

So, then that should put the pins right in those little holes. The next thing I want to do is there’s a little tab here.

Tighten Shift Cable

The tab here needs to hook under here, somebody to do that first to set that in. So that gets hooked into place down here and then lay the shifter down in.

You want them in tight, but not overly tight cause you could strip them out or break the plastic in there. You don’t want to do that and so again, you can just go ahead and test it to make sure that it shifts correctly and so now I take the end of the cable and slide it into the cable housing and push it through.

Pull it from the other side so, it goes there and then just seat this into here like this and that’s where I’m going to show you in this way cause I basically want to do is show you how to install the ship cable into the shifter.

That’s pretty much the same across various bikes. So, I’m not going to show that in this one. If you have a different shifter and you try to figure out how to install the cable and it check out my videos, I have a whole bunch of other videos like this, showing how to install cables into the various models of shifters.


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