get rid of clover
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Not every people in the world fond of clover. Most people are likely to hate to see the patches of clover in the middle of the field of grasses. Clover occurs when your lawn’s soil becomes acidic due to not containing enough balance of pH among 6 to 7, not holding enough nitrogen or overwatered, or become very compacted. Here, you will know 10 easy steps to get rid of clover in a completely organic way that will not harm your grass and environment at all.

How to get rid of cover in the lawn naturally

10 easiest steps to follow to get rid of clover in a natural way:

  1. Remove it manually

When you notice the cloves at your first glance, you should take action rapidly. After loosening the soil with spades, pluck it up from the ground by grabbing the cloves. Remember, don’t leave any roots. It will make the clover grow back.

  1. Prevent Oxygen and Sunlight

You can block oxygen and sunlight by covering the gloves with plastic bags. Secure the plastic bags or garbage bags by placing stones in corners. Within few weeks, this should get rid of clover. This method might kill any grass that remains under plastic.

  1. Sprinkle natural and organic fertilizer

Less level of nitrogen instigates growing clover. You can sprinkle nitrogen-rich fertilizer on your land. However, an organic fertilizer will help to grow grass faster.

  1. Use Corn Meal Gluten

Cornmeal gluten is available in a local garden shop or online. Cornmeal gluten discharges organic pesticides into your soil. It will not cause any effect on existing cloves but it will prevent growing new cloves.

  1. Mow Grass High

If the length of your grass is less than 3 inches then it will easier for cloves to grow. If you mow your grass higher then it will discourage growing cloves patches around the grass.

  1. Use Vinegar Solution

To get rid of clover one of the most effective is considered by most people is the application of vinegar solution. You can easily prepare a vinegar solution. You just have to mix your vinegar with dish soap and water. Then you mix it up well. After that, you have to spray it up in patched of your clover. It helps to dry out the clover leaves. It may need few weeks to completely vanish the cloves.

Precaution: Apply it carefully because it may hamper your grass as well.

  1. Use organic chemical

If you want to safely get rid of cloves using A.D.I.O.S is the best option available for you. A.D.I.O.S is an eco-friendly organic clover killer. It simply makes the cloves dry and kills. It doesn’t even harm the grass.

  1. Apply herbicide

For killing clover rapidly applying herbicides is the effective way. It does not only kill cloves but also prevents his future growth. But you have to stay careful about your application as it can kill other plants and even bees.

  1. Apply Ammonia

Many people also apply ammonia and burn cloves in a faster way. The best timing for applying ammonia is after rainfall. After purchasing ammonium sulfate, apply it following the user guideline.

Frequency: Once a month.

Precaution: Avoid the grass area.

  1. Water properly

To get rid of clover watering your plant is a must. As mentioned above, one of the causes for growing clover is the dryness of your lawn. You can apply Weed Beater Fe to kill the grass of your lawn. But if you use Weed Beater Fe but not watering the plants properly then you will kill the grass as well.

Frequency: You can apply deep water (1 inch) once or twice a week.