Study Habits in College
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College & studying go together like peanut butter & jelly; they’re the perfect compliment for each other! If you’re reading this sentence, I’m willing to bet that you’re in college and seeking to learn how to develop better study habits. Crazy assumption right?  Well, I’m happy to say that you came to the right place. Listen, college is an animal, and the temptation to put coursework aside because “You can do it whenever” is very real.

Read this article to learn how to develop better study habits in college so you will never find yourself stressing out over a final ever again.

Recognize the Situation

It’s always good to acknowledge the situation that you’re in; it leads to a clear understanding of the dynamics. Typically, the problem that most students face while trying to develop better studying habits is coping with the unlimited amount of freedom that college offers.  Classes are sometimes only one day a week and Mommy and Daddy aren’t here to ground you into education compliance anymore. So in college, it’s on you to be your own boss.  That being said, let’s focus on building winning habits. So without further ado, let’s begin our journey to studying success in the classroom.

Take Notes in Class

The temptation to spend all of class on Facebook is very real and has gotten the best of all of us at one time or another. This is an obvious suggestion but for-the-love-of-your-future, take notes in class!  That’s why you’re in class! Trust me, not only will taking notes help you learn the material better, but it’s more fun than sitting in a room absently mindedly waiting for class to end. If you are attentive and take notes in class, I promise you that you won’t have to study as hard when it comes to being on test time.

Read & Actually Follow the Syllabus

Again, another obvious tip but sometimes the truth has a hard way of smacking you in the face. Read the syllabus; that’s why professors give them to you. Professors actually want you to be prepared in class so you can learn easier. Who would have thought? Here’s what will happen when you read and follow the syllabus. You will come to class prepared. You will actually understand what you are taking notes on. If you have a question, you can… you know… ask the professor right then and there! It’s crazy, how coming to class prepared can work wonders for your grade. Read the material, that’s why you bought the $400 textbook, remember?

Study a Little Bit Everyday

It’s much easier to study a little bit every day instead of cramming a lot of information in your head in a little amount of time. Are you following me here? Study a little bit every day.  It’s easy; if you simply keep up with your syllabus, in most cases you will study every day by design.  When you adopt a daily study habit, you’ll be aware of your strengths and weakness putting you into a prime position to ask your professors any questions that come up. The real advantage to studying every day is when it comes down to test time, you will spend far less time studying and feel confident going into your test. In comparison to certain classmates who will be spending a fortnight in the library, completely stressed out cramming for the test.

When studying, remember that a good rule of thumb is to study at least one hour every day for each class you take. Also, be sure to take frequent breaks, it’s much less stressful and you retain more information.

Study in a Peaceful Area

If you can study while blaring music, you’re a better man than me. But if you’re anything like me, you probably need a quiet area to study. So I’m telling you, find a quiet area to study while studying for UC’s respiratory therapist degree, or any other degree for that matter.

Yes, this might require you to go to the dreaded library and yes, I know you were trying to avoid paying that library fee, but I’m telling you to suck it up and find a peaceful area to study.  Your grades will thank you.