eTooth headset to mobile
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Talking on the phone is often not possible due to various impediments. While driving a car, a moped, cooking something, gardening, etc., it is not exactly comfortable to hold your cell phone in one hand and can often be dangerous. To try to answer without using your hands and not have the inconvenience of holding your mobile phone, there are very comfortable earphones. The earphones can be connected to the phone through a cable or wireless (BlueTooth earphones). In this short guide, we will show you how to connect a BlueTooth headset to mobile in just a few steps.

How to connect BlueTooth headset to mobile?

You will need:

  • Latest generation smartphone or mobile phone
  • Wireless BlueTooth headset

Charge the headset

The BlueTooth headset can fit into the ear without causing any discomfort and make the phone call heard without having wires between your feet that hinder the activity you are doing. Bluetooth headsets or mobile devices are on the market in various brands, sizes, and models. The brands on the market are more or less all of the good quality, so it will not be particularly difficult to make a satisfactory choice. Once you have purchased the BlueTooth headset, proceed immediately with the exact charging of the device. The BlueTooth headset must be fully charged to ensure maximum operation immediately.

Start the connection

Once the headset battery is charged, you will have to start synchronization to connect your Smartphone or your simple mobile phone to the headset. Press and hold the power button or the multifunction button of your new BlueTooth headset and wait a few seconds to see the indicator light flash. The indicator light indicates that another mobile device. In this case, the mobile phone can be immediately connected to the headset. Put the BlueTooth headset next to you, switched on a mobile phone, and wait a few seconds.

Charge your mobile device

Naturally, your mobile phone must also be charged and must have BlueTooth mode set or activated to synchronize with the headset. Go to your mobile phone settings and activate the BlueTooth mode, perform a search for BlueTooth devices. As soon as you find your headset, immediately start synchronization by clicking on the name of the headset that appears from the BlueTooth search performed by the phone. Provide the security code provided by the headset house and get ready for a comfortable conversation.

Use the “pairing” mode

The synchronization procedure of the two devices (headset and BlueTooth) can also be carried out differently by activating the headset’s so-called “pairing” mode. The procedure is very similar on all Bluetooth headsets on the market but may have small variations depending on the headset’s make or model in use. In most cases, to activate the “pairing” mode, it is necessary to proceed with the headset off and then switch to hold down the multifunction button for a few moments (which is used to answer incoming calls). Once pressed, the device indicator light will flash.

You will then have to keep pressing until the indicator light shows alternating red and blue colors. The flashing of the headset indicator light will be the signal that the “pairing” mode has been correctly activated. Fully charge the headset before proceeding to sync it.