clean suede couch
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How to clean the suede sofa? What are the tricks to always have it bright and perfect, as if you just bought it? Suede is a very beautiful material, but also delicate and therefore it must be taken care of to avoid stubborn stains and greasy halos.

Suede sofas should be cleaned regularly to avoid damaging the fabrics and staining them permanently. Unfortunately, the halos and stains are very evident in the suede, they create real patches, so you have to take care of them.

If you spend hours and hours lying on the sofa, eat there or have afternoon snacks, it is always advisable to put a blanket or a cotton sheet on top. In this way, you will avoid dirtying the suede with food, liquids and touching it with greasy hands.

How to clean the suede sofa

  • The suede sofa is not difficult to clean but you have to be constant and do good maintenance, only in this way it will remain bright and beautiful.
  • Every week the sofa must be disassembled and dusted in all its parts. Move the cushions and take them to the terrace or balcony, beat them with a carpet beater to eliminate dust and food residues. You can lay them out in the shade and let them air for an hour, but it is not essential.
  • In the meantime, you can focus on the basic structure of the sofa. With the vacuum cleaner, collect all the dust that you find on the bottom, in the corners, and in the inlets.
  • If you have pets you can also vacuum the cushions, whether or not they go up on the sofa, the hair will be safe.
  • If necessary, you can further clean the sofa with a specific brush for suede or a microfibre cloth.

Suede sofas: useful tips

The suede sofa should be cleaned every 15 – 30 days, depending on your time and how much you use it. Use a damp cloth or a suede brush and sanitize the entire surface.

If there are stains you can remove them with a damp microfiber cloth, alternatively, you can use white vinegar or alcohol. Dab all the stained areas without wetting the surrounding area too much, rub well to dissolve the stain, and clean everything. Rinse well with a clean cloth and then dry with a hairdryer.

If with these remedies the stains do not go away you can use a specific solvent for the suede fabric and for the micro-suede.

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