lightweight stroller
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You are ready. You have chosen every detail of your little one’s bedroom: every piece of furniture, the cot, and the cutest wallpaper. You have at your disposal all the items for children that you will need to use from the moment your little one is born to the moment he turns his first year of age. Wait a minute: the stroller? Have you chosen it? Is it a lightweight stroller?

It often happens that the choice of the stroller is the one that takes the longest time; the factors to consider are many: light or heavy stroller, whether trio or duo, with or without canopy, reclining or not.  Read also: When is baby too big for bassinet

The price of a stroller depends a lot on the choice of comforts it can guarantee to your baby or not. Before buying a stroller, you need to think about the use you will make of it: whether it will be only for your first-born or even for the second. If you are the first to have a boy and your intentions are to have another one, avoid buying a blue or pink stroller: in the future, it could be a problem.

Lightweight strollers: how to choose

The main criterion for choosing a lightweight stroller concerns its ability to be carried everywhere, and it must also be able to enter confined spaces such as elevators, for example. If you live on the top floor you can never give up the comfort of the lift and your stroller as well as being not very heavy, must be able to allow you to use it without too many encumbrances and therefore the choice is complicated by having to evaluate a compact and reclining light stroller.

How to choose the best lightweight strollers

Here we list the criteria on which you might decide to base yourself:

  • Color
  • Weight
  • Reclining
  • Canopy
  • Trio
  • Wheelchair
  • Reversible

First of all, you have to distinguish between pram and stroller: the first you will use in the first months of the baby’s life will allow you to go around even when the baby sleeps comfortably lying down. The second you will begin to use when the child can assume the sitting position. As for the wheelchair, the choice depends a lot on the carrycot: the bigger, the longer it is used.

Differently, the choice of the stroller depends on the qualities of the latter: three wheels, super light or for twins. If you choose a lightweight stroller from the first days of your little one’s life, you must opt ​​for one that is reclining and comfortable, which allows the child to sleep peacefully.

Opting for a stroller that weighs little does not mean choosing one that is not equipped with comfort for your baby, but that is simply equipped with accessories that can also be removed, if necessary, making it in all respects compact or in any case, it is easy to carry, like a lightweight travel stroller.

A good stroller must give you the possibility to go around the city in any condition, both in the rain and in the strong sun; you must be able to move easily from one place to another and the outer fabrics must be easy to wash. Keep reading, what is the difference between a vaporizer and a humidifier?

Lightweight stroller yes, but what else?

At this point, we have understood what a lightweight stroller means and what basic characteristics it must have, but for the most specific needs, how to choose the best one?


In the transition from the pram to the stroller, it is important to evaluate all the positional possibilities for the baby. This is a very important aspect because each position is designed for a specific purpose: rest, long sleeps, supine to observe and interact; in short, every degree of inclination guarantees a correct position of the spine and neck for the safety of the little one.

Precisely for this purpose, there is the light reclining stroller, designed ad-hoc to facilitate, without trauma, the transition from pram to stroller for our little one. Keep reading

Wide or compact?

This choice is definitely influenced by several factors: lifestyle, both of the child and of the parents; need to move (on foot or by car); things to carry with the stroller.

A lightweight stroller does not have to be too small, thus sacrificing the comfort of the little one; in fact, it often happens that for reasons of comfort and mobility of the baby, one turns to a bigger stroller, but with the fear that it will be too heavy.

Thanks to modern materials, it is now possible to buy a larger but still super light stroller.

There are light strollers, even inexpensive ones that use materials such as aluminum that allow you to save weight, guaranteeing more space.

Reversible or foldable:

Whether you say “reversible” or “foldable,” a lightweight stroller that enjoys this feature is BRILLIANT!

Reversible strollers are perhaps the most complete in their category because they allow (not all of them) to recline, fold, and, a feature that gives them their name, to tip over. In fact, the cradle can be disassembled and quickly assembled in reverse with a few gestures. This allows both mother and baby to have more views.

When you are taking a beautiful walk, and you can’t do without your baby’s face, turn the cradle over and you won’t be able to take your eyes off him!

The Twins have arrived!

Multiple joy in the family, but how to get organized?

If you have twins or if you have siblings close in age, you need a lightweight twin stroller!

Twin strollers are perfect for moving around with siblings and there are really many types for every need.

The main feature is, of course, is the possibility of transporting several babies in a single pram without neglecting comfort and without sacrificing space and maneuverability within limits.

The lightness element in a light twin stroller is fundamental because when the weight of the child is doubled or even tripled, that of the stroller must be reduced to a minimum, but it is not just the only element.

In the case of twins, there are also strollers that allow you to rotate the cradles, making the stroller a “duo” or in a “row”; an essential convenience for a dynamic mom and dad!

Another essential feature is the ability to fold the stroller when switching to other means of transport.

In short, a light twin stroller is the optimal choice for this type of need and does not necessarily sacrifice other functions or habits.

In conclusion

Obviously, it is not possible to identify a definitive stroller, but a different stroller goes to every need and to every child; the important thing is that it is not very heavy and easy to handle.

A lightweight stroller can truly facilitate any parent’s day, adapting to their lifestyle and thus allowing them to spend more moments with their little ones.

Whether walking in the city, in the countryside or even in the mountains: do not worry, there is certainly a stroller suitable for that purpose!