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2018 has arrived dotted with flowers, life, and joy. And he has done it in style, with extra large prints. Wallpaper, cushions, bedding, rugs… Get ready. Your house will become a giant garden.

Feminine And Subtle

Who said flowers are only for spring? 2018 promises to fill us with vitamins and joy with floral prints throughout the house. Large roses in pastel shades are the main element that decorates this bedroom that is as simple as it is romantic.

Stepping On A Flower Bed

Floral prints throughout the house

If the flowers on the walls are too much for you, go for the floor. In rugs, they do not have as much visual weight and they decorate the room just the same. This is ecru color with large flowers in pink tones. Carpet by Liz Claiborne, in Rovel.

A Perfumed Room

A large bouquet of various roses and a white wall. This is another way to fill a space with joy, without losing an iota of elegance. This detail works as a headboard in a bedroom where there is no such piece.

Absolute Coordination

This room perfectly mixes gray and pink tones with the simplicity of the furniture. If you dare to put wallpaper with XL flowers like these, compensate it with plain upholstery. This way, you won’t clutter up the space.

Xl Sweetness For The Little Ones

This large format print is also suitable for decorating children’s rooms. Here half of the wall is combined with wallpaper and the other half, is covered with a white wooden wainscot. A soft and personal decoration at the same time.

Flowers In The Wind

This pink and violet floral wallpaper proposal needs no further furniture to create a bohemian chic room. In a bedroom, it brings a fresh touch and you will not need many more pieces to decorate it. Stay with the maxim: less is more.

Details Full Of Joy

The cushions with floral prints will give a touch of spring color to your armchairs. A large flower will be enough to achieve a striking effect. Combine them with other smooth ones to compensate for the strength of the flowers. And better if the upholstery of the seat is also smooth.

Even In The Bathroom!

Of course! You can take the flowers to the most intimate corners of your house. Bathtub cladding, by Carpintería Soriano, painted by Ana Barrios. Bathtub, in Saneamientos Pozuelo. Bench, in Yesterday’s Trades. Wallpaper, from Home & Garden.

A Room Of Your Own

Wallpaper acts as a headboard in this colorful room. Framed with white slats, a kind of tapestry is created that decorates while protecting the headboard of the bed from chafing. For country and boho styles.


This room will delight any lover of English country decor. The pink flowers combined with the details of the rest of the room. And watch out! No fear of using millennial pink for social spaces. This trend is not for the timid. Wallpaper, by Leroy Merlin.

Passion For Spring

Red flowers invade a space with vintage reminiscences and they do it with a lot of art. Combined with natural wood, the style is fresh and very eco. Save this type of paper for rooms with lots of natural light. Papers of the 70s wallpaper.

A Jungle In The Living Room

Here two of the wallpaper trends of the moment are mixed: green and jungle motifs, and large flowers. If you like to take risks and be at the forefront, dare with a look like this. Wallpaper by Lara Costafreda, for Coordonné.

With spring, the time has come for wallpaper to be crowned the undisputed king of the walls of the house, but if you really want to be a total trendy deco, large-format flowers are your goal. For the less risky, the option is to choose pastel shades and subtle strokes. But for the most daring, the palette of brightly colored floral prints is infinite in the form of giant bouquets or endless repetitions. There is something for everyone. Now you just have to choose a room and fill it with flowers. Options: do it on just one wall, on a wall combined with a wooden wainscot, on walls and ceiling (the latest), on the floor as a rug, on cushions and other textiles, etc. It’s up to you!

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