Get a cool exterior
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When the exterior is an extension of the house, the house grows. Earn in views. But if you design it with sustainable criteria, it will also create healthier, more comfortable, and cheaper interiors.

Sift The Sun

In this rustic porch, natural cane curtains have been incorporated to filter the sunlight at peak hours instead of using fabrics or awnings.

Furniture With Personality

Sustainable exterior

There is nothing more sustainable than recovering old furniture with a layer of varnish. In addition to caring for the environment, you will have a very fashionable terrace.

Choose Native Plants

You will contribute to helping the environment and fighting against the intrusion of other species. In addition, they will not need special care.

Grow Your Own Plants

There is nothing more ecological than growing aromatic plants and flowers in your own home. If you have space in the garden, build a small greenhouse for them to grow throughout the year.

To The Table

When the good weather arrives, the season of gatherings in the garden also begins. If there are many of you at home, think about the environment by using glass or porcelain tableware, sustainability first and foremost.

Sustainable Materials

The exterior of this farm, with wooden furniture and the natural cane pergola, is completely ecological. None of the chosen materials harm the environment and give the space a natural look.

Sustainable Materials

Not only do you use them in furniture but also in decoration and fabrics.

Garden With Ivy Wall

Green separator If your terrace is attached to the neighbor’s, you can separate the rooms with a wall of ivy or different varieties of flowers and plants.

Sun Oriented

To save on electricity, project your terrace so that you can make the most of the sun’s rays.

The Light Was Made

Lighting is very important, using LED lights can consume 90% less than a traditional light bulb and its life lasts up to 50,000 hours, almost ten times more than an incandescent one.

And to sample, a button: a wall covered with climbers not only regulates the wind and creates green and shade outside, but it also offers a horizon to enjoy and a microclimate that cools or heats the house naturally.

Of course, it is not enough to introduce green to be sustainable, just as it is not enough to replace a polluting material with a natural one. The idea is that you think, build and decorate a house that responds to your life and your dreams, but from an ecological and rational perspective.

How do devise a sustainable exterior?

  • Think of ideas and materials that are beneficial to health and the planet. What will you build it with? What plants will it house? With what furniture will you decorate?
  • Reduce energy consumption outside: How will you light it? How to get a cool exterior? How will you water?
  • Think about minimizing waste. What will you plant in the garden? How will you reuse the dry leaves? Will you take advantage of the pool water? The little tobacconist you want to build?
  • Maintenance of your exterior. How to save time and money? What will you clean with? What maintenance will your exterior need?


What is natural and recyclable wins points. Both in furniture and coatings, solid wood, recycled or new, is back, but with an FSC certificate and treated with ecological oil or varnish. The marble stands out but is polished and without lead. And ceramics are reinvented and technified. The latest are tiles with a catalytic glaze that transform toxic emissions into harmless ones, and solar versions that work like photovoltaic panels that generate electricity. Due to its low environmental impact, bamboo is consolidated.


Why not recycled or second-hand furniture? There are more and more auctions with a workshop where you can discover everything from industrial treasures from the 20th century to reinvented pieces, which without losing their patina of nostalgia, are updated with contemporary aesthetics and sustainable criteria. The trend is to mix the old with the new.

And recycle furniture you already have? With a new coat of varnish – ecological! – or a coat of paint you can give your old furniture a new look… And you will have the reward of having renovated it yourself!

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