Dorm Room College Cooking Hacks
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All across the country, students are bending the rules and cooking in their dorm rooms. While many resident advisors advise against it, you can easily find a few ways to make a bowl of soup or a simple cup of coffee. What happens when you are knee-deep in notes studying for your finals and you get hungry? – If you go to university, there could be nothing around for miles, there is a good chance that you may want to cook a bowl of noodles. The same goes in the morning – what if you want a nice hard-boiled egg for breakfast? Luckily, there are a number of ways to use various tools in your dorm room as the ideal cooking tools.

Here are five dorm room college cooking hacks.

  1. Boil Eggs in the Hot Water Pot of Your Coffee Maker

A hardboiled egg can be a healthy, hearty breakfast with lots of protein. However, if you are not allowed to have hot cooking surfaces in your dorm, you may not be able to make an energizing breakfast. However, if you have a coffee maker, you could easily put two eggs in the hot water compartment and, voila, you’ll have two delicious hard-boiled eggs.

  1. Make Meatloaf Out of Basic Ingredients in the Microwave

Meatloaf is basically breadcrumbs and a few other simple ingredients. Most people think that meatloaf can only be cooked in the oven. However, if you have a microwave in your dorm, you could put these ingredients together and cook up a nice meatloaf for dinner. It’s hearty, it’s tasty and it will remind you of home. What can be better than that?

  1. Use the Burner of Your Coffee Maker to Fry Eggs

If you are not allowed to have a microwave, it can be hard to make basic foods. However, if you have your coffee machine, you could make some nice fried eggs. All you need is some non-stick grease and two eggs. Simply coat the burner with the grease and crack in some eggs. After a few moments, you are able to slide those eggs right onto a plate for a delicious breakfast. Make sure, though, that you turn the burner off, because the residue may become a fire risk.

  1. Make a Grilled Cheese with Tinfoil and an Iron

You’ve probably seen it before – people making sandwiches with an iron, especially grilled cheese sandwiches. However, this essential ingredient that is missing is tinfoil. You don’t want to place the iron directly on the sandwich, because it could leave a metallic taste. Also, you don’t want your sandwich to touch your ironing board. Once your sandwich is wrapped, cook time with an iron should be about ten minutes.

  1. Cook Bacon with an Iron and Tinfoil

One of the most delicious delicacies, bacon, is also one of the hardest things to cook in a dorm. For one thing, many dorms don’t allow cooking tools. Also, bacon can leave quite a smell. By wrapping the bacon in tinfoil and then cooking with an iron, you make some delicious bacon, and clean up will be easy too. In the end, just because you are in college doesn’t mean you should deny yourself the pleasures of bacon.