Kitchen in white decoration
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White is also modern. Nothing cold and very bright. A kitchen in white is a safe bet that you should start considering.

Gone are the days when white kitchens were classic or boring. White is among the latest trends in kitchen decoration and is perfect for when a very modern, minimal, and bright aesthetic is sought after. With a total white base, it is possible to create very different styles and change the appearance of our kitchen season after season just by introducing new accessories. The result can be radically different depending on the materials, colors, or patterns that are incorporated, such as the classic black –a perfect combination– of copper, aluminum, iron… (kitchens with metal cabinets are one of the novelties from the last season). wood in the kitchen or marble also combines perfectly with white. And it is one of the perfect colors for the kitchen island.

In this selection of kitchens, you will find all the inspiration you are looking for to opt for white. There are kitchens of all sizes, styles and with all types of distribution. From mini kitchens open to a living room to maxi kitchens with an island and an office area. Modern, classic, rustic, luxurious, glamorous, and minimalist. Whatever your kitchen (or the kitchen of your dreams) is, you will find it here in white.

A Bright Style In The Kitchen

Style the kitchen in white

With a stone island and a mirror front, this kitchen is small, but it manages to shine with its own light and integrates perfectly into the living room of the Parisian-style apartment of the jewelry designer Cayetana Blanco.

Kitchen Of Simple Concepts

In this house in Madrid, the kitchen with furniture from the Santos firm opens up to an office with the aftertaste of a summer vacation home. The floor is marble and limestone from Granitos Morales. You can see the house here.

Kitchen With Mini Island

Total white and with a countertop that extends into the mini island in a breakfast bar.

Rustic And White

In this home in The Hamptons, white has been chosen but with a traditional twist thanks to the wooden doors and handles. You have the whole house here.

Checkerboard Floor In The Kitchen

In this house in Cantabria, the hydraulic tiles and the

cabinets give visual unity to the kitchen and the office. The furniture, once again in pristine white. You can see the entire house here.

Rustic-Inspired Kitchen

If the materials in your kitchen space have a strong presence, such as the stone walls, the brick ceilings, and the wooden floors of this japandi-style apartment renovated by the GDR studio, some white handleless cabinets will provide the perfect counterpoint.

Wood And White In The Kitchen

The touch of wood just warms up the environment without detracting from modernity.

Kitchen Combined With Black

It adds a note of elegance and contrast. The mirror work front extends the visual limit of the kitchen.

Play Cluelessness

Gramercy Design signs the renovation of this apartment in New York with a kitchen open to the living room. The white cabinets do not allow you to guess that the appliances are hidden behind them, and the kitchen with open storage also in white brings lightness to the whole.

Marble Trend

On the front instead of a countertop, the place that would seem most logical. Level up!

Minimalist Kitchen

Smooth, discreet surfaces and plenty of storage space for this kitchen in white.

A Light Aesthetic Kitchen

The modernist style of this apartment in Barcelona’s Eixample marked (a lot) the interior designer Miriam Barrio when designing the kitchen. As the ceilings already had such a presence, she opted to place only low white cabinets, with countertop and front in the same color, and in the upper part, she opted for a front of mirrors that reflect the moldings and glass shelves that almost disappear.

A White, Modern, And Glamorous Kitchen

Designer Jessie Schuster took a risk when decorating this bright loft that she now calls home. In the kitchen, white cabinets serve as the perfect base on which to place more delicate accessories and luxurious materials, such as the marble of the countertop and the glossy lacquer paint of the gray cabinet fronts.

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